Consumer survey on diet and lifestyle

Do consumers consider themselves to be healthy?

In December 2019, Food4Health conducted a survey with consumers regarding the choices they make in their diet and lifestyle. We were interested to know whether consumers consider themselves to be healthy, whether they know what they need to change to become healthier and if they are willing to make the change in the short term. Two hundred adult citizens completed the survey of 10 questions about their health and lifestyle.

When asked how healthy they feel, almost 2/3 of the participants responded that they felt pretty or very healthy with less than 10% indicating that they were not very healthy or very unhealthy. Yet, almost 40% of participants indicated that their diet was just ok with almost 20% responding that it was not very healthy or very unhealthy. In terms of activity, most participants were either moderately or very active (84%). Of the participants who responded, 50% indicated that they would be willing to make a change to become healthier. Proposed changes included eating healthier foods, being more active, eating fewer sweets and less meat. The complete results of the survey can be found here.

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