Engaging consumers in healthy lifestyles

Showcasing Food4Health at events in Germany

Food4Health has had the opportunity to showcase our activities at two events in Germany in 2020. The first event was the Fairtrade Brunch & Market held in Eching in September and the second was presenting posters about Food4Health at the Barmer health insurance office in Freising. These events have allowed us to engage with consumers, to raise awareness of the importance of food and lifestyle on one’s health.

Fairtrade Brunch & Market, Eching Germany

On 5 September 2020, EIT Food CLC Central had a stand at the Fairtrade Brunch & Market event in Eching, Germany. Organised by the Eching Adult Education Centre in cooperation with the Eching Economic Development Agency, the event aimed to inform the local population about fair, regional and sustainable products, activities, and organisations. Attendees could interact with local retailers, restaurants, businesses, and institutes. EIT Food presented the Food4Health initiative and especially the two innovation projects – STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer – to increase the visibility of Food4Health on the local level.  About 350 people attended the event and at least 120 visited the EIT Food stand. It was a great opportunity to establish a dialogue with consumers and raise awareness of the importance of food choices and diet for health and wellbeing.

Food4Health banner at the Eching Fairtrade Brunch & Market

Barmer Health Insurance, Freising Germany

Since the beginning of November 2020, a rather unusual channel was found to introduce the Food4Health projects – STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer – to the local public. The Barmer health insurance office in Freising gave Food4Health the opportunity to present posters of STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer, to be shown in their showcase windows. Even though we are not directly interacting with the people, it is a great chance to increase the visibility of Food4Health. The posters aim to inform the general public about the links between food and health. They can be read by the people who are just passing by but especially those waiting in front of the windows, as only one person can enter the premises at a time due to COVID-19. Inside the insurance office in the entrance area, there is a roll-up banner about Food4Health and leaflets that can be taken home. The posters will be on display until early 2021.

Food4Health banner at the Barmer Health Insurance office in Freising
STOP MetSyn poster in the showcase window of the Barmer Health Insurance office in Freising

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