Food4Health finalises the 2nd call for Expressions of Interest

10 tasks were open for applications

On the 23rd October 2019, Food4Health launched the 2nd call for Expressions of Interest for the 10 tasks that will be conducted in the two projects – STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer – in 2020.

When applications closed on 20 November, 49 Expressions of Interest had been submitted either from individual partners or teams. Applications were received from 34 partners: 12 from EIT Food, 19 from EIT Health and 3 who are partners of both networks. The applicants included universities, research institutes, hospitals and industry partners, representing all regionals hubs from both networks.

As in the first call, the applications were evaluated by an external expert panel using the same criteria and the top-ranked applicants for each task were placed on a shortlist. The selected partners from each list have already been invited to join the project consortia with the intention to officially start the 2020 tasks on 1 February.

With the successful completion of the 2019 tasks, the 2020 tasks are expected to build upon the outcomes from 2019.

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