Food4Health projects continue in 2020

The project teams will build upon the outcomes from 2019

In the inaugural year of the Cross-KIC Food4Health, EIT Food and EIT Health mobilised major European players from their networks to commit to a shared strategy; to provide European citizens with new food and lifestyle products and services to improve their health.

To initiate the programme, the two projects, STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer, were launched. Despite having only 4 months to complete the 2019 tasks, the partners successfully realised all deliverables, outputs and KPIs. The project teams will use these outcomes as a basis for the continuation of the projects in 2020.

For the 2020 tasks, 18 partners have once again been selected to work on these projects, many of whom also participated in the 2019 activities. The project partners are as follows:

STOP MetSyn: Achmea (NL), Ets. Franz Colruyt (BE), KU Leuven (BE), RISE (SE), Technical University of Munich (DE), University of Ghent (BE), Université Grenoble Alpes (FR) and University of Reading (UK).

MuscleCancer: AZTI (ES), BeYou (ES), Danone Nutricia Research (FR), Imperial College London (UK), University of Hohenheim (DE), University of Maastricht (NL), University Medical Centre Groningen (NL), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES), University of Cologne (DE) and University of Torino (IT).

As the 2020 activities officially started on 1 February, the two projects teams met in late February/early March. During these kick-off meetings, the teams discussed outcomes from 2019 along with the project plans for the rest of the year.

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