Spreading the word about Food4Health

Food4Health presents at two events

The Food4Health team has been pleased to present our activities at two events. The first event was an exhibition at Munich Airport in June and July, and the second was a presentation at the Global Food Innovation Forum on 24 June. These events have allowed us to spread the word about our activities in Food4Health.

Exhibition at Munich Airport

During challenging COVID-19 pandemic times, a unique way to present EIT Food, CLC Central, and Food4Health to a broader general audience was an exhibition at Munich Airport. Over 1,854.000 passengers travelling abroad or returning to Munich in June and July 2021 had the chance to visit the exhibition. It took place in a showroom near the arrivals area. Inside the showroom, there were eight movable walls. Posters on both sides gave a comprehensive overview of all activity areas of EIT Food and CLC Central. In addition, the Cross-KIC activity Food4Health and the two innovation projects STOP MetSyn and MuscleCancer were presented. A QR-code was placed on the walls and could be scanned, which linked to the Food4Health webpage for further information. Forty airport owned screens located around the terminal promoted the exhibition.

Yu-Mi Lee at the Munich Airport exhibition

Global Food Innovation Forum

Food4Health had the opportunity to present at the Global Food Innovation Forum on 24 June 2021. Taking place at the Real Sito di Carditello (San Tammaro, district of Caserta) and online, the Agriculture Department of the Campania Region organised this hybrid event. Agribusiness is at the centre of food security, food safety, economic, environmental, and social sustainability for supply chains and rural areas. The Global Food Innovation Forum was a unique opportunity for the agriculture and fisheries of the region to engage with the European and global innovation trajectories. The event aimed to strengthen the collaboration and exchange between the main stakeholders of the regional system and the leading players globally.

Food4Health participated in the session on “Trends and scenarios for innovating in the agri and food system: the way forward and the next normal”. Dr Hayley Every presented the goals and ambitions of the Food4Health collaboration, highlighting the importance of healthy food in improving and sustaining the wellbeing of all European citizens.

Hayley Every presenting at the Global Food Innovation Forum

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